Riverview Site Protocols

October 30, 2018

Did you know that the Riverview Lands are currently home to

  • One of the most filmed sites in Canada
  • More than 120 individuals receiving mental-health care
  • A variety of wildlife
  • More than 1,800 tagged trees
  • 100-year-old buildings and infrastructure
  • A cemetery
  • Three active construction sites?

BC Housing established the Riverview Lands Protocols to ensure that visitors and users of the Riverview Lands respect the site’s long history, important landscape, and many residents and neighbours so that the site can remain publicly accessible. 

These eight documents apply to all users of the Riverview Lands: 

  1. Archeological Protocol
  2. Engineering & Servicing Protocol
  3. BC Housing Film Policy
  4. Parking, Mobility and Vehicle Traffic Protocol
  5. Rules and Regulations Protocol
  6. Sign Protocol
  7. Tree and Plant Protection Specification Protocol
  8. Special Events Protocol

We will establish new protocols as needed. We also welcome any questions regarding their enforcement and establishment. Send them to renewingriverview@bchousing.org.