Riverview Trees Update

July 25, 2016

We recognize the Riverview Lands are home to a diverse collection of trees, wildlife and gardens. To help us assess and manage Riverview’s tree collection, BC Housing is developing a comprehensive Tree Management Plan. As a first step, we are surveying and assessing the trees on site as part of a tree inventory. Given the volume of trees and the size of the site, this will take some time and is anticipated to be completed in the fall. This work is being lead by arbourist Julian Dunster and landscape architect Margot Long.

Why are there painted marking on the trees at Riverview?

The paint on the trees does NOT identify trees for removal. Given the volume of trees on the site, survey crews needed to find a way to identify if a tree had already been surveyed. Unfortunately, the survey crew decided to use paint as a way of indicating that field work had taken place. When noticed by grounds maintenance personnel, this practice was immediately stopped and ribbons are now used to identify trees being surveyed. We are working with arbourist Julian Dunster to resolve the painted tree issue in a way that does not damage the trees.