Traffic and Road Changes

November 17, 2016
Due to construction and other activities onsite, there have been some changes to the road and traffic patterns:
  1. Thyme Drive & Holly Drive intersection
    • A three-way intersection has been replaced with a four-way stop sign intersection.
    • The stop sign and the bus stop on Holly Drive were moved further south on Holly Drive to accommodate this change.
  2. Holly Drive & Clover Street intersection
    • A new roundabout has been added to help the buses navigate their route through Riverview.
  3. Holly Drive & Pine Terrace intersection
    • A new three-way stop sign will be in place before the end of the year, to replace the single stop sign.
  4. Bus Stop Changes
    • The bus stops on Holly & Orchid (beside the daycare) and on Holly Drive & Oak Crescent (across from Leeside building) have been discontinued.
    • The northbound bus currently goes up Holly Drive and then continues along its original route; however this route will change in the New Year.
    • Any further bus updates will be posted once the schedule has been finalized.

Other Things Happening Onsite

There is ongoing construction at the North end of the site to upgrade Riverview’s electrical distribution system. This will be completed in 2017. Construction for the development of the new Provincial Assessment Centre and Maples Adolescent Centre, and the Centre for Mental Health & Addiction will continue until 2018/2019.