Centre Lawn and East Lawn Targeted Roof Repairs

Tue Feb 04 19:26:01 UTC 2020

BC Housing has recently completed targeted roof repairs at the Centre Lawn and East Lawn buildings. Centre Lawn and East Lawn were completed in 1924 and 1929 respectively and required repairs to stop water ingress at various roof locations.

Work was completed on 10 dormer locations at both buildings as well as repairs to the field of roof including valleys, ridges, hips, wall transitions and slate tiles to ensure the roofs are performing as intended and the targeted areas are watertight. This work included roof structural framing repairs, new insulation and sheathing, installation of new standing seam metal roofs and new gutters. In addition, repairs were made to a drainpipe located at the East Lawn Porte Cochere Balcony.

Prior to the roofing work commencing, hazardous material testing was conducted which confirmed the presence of asbestos and lead paint. All abatement and removal work was performed in accordance with WorkSafe BC regulations.

The contractor worked in conjunction with the Riverview Lands arborist, Dr. Julian Dunster, to ensure tree protection measures, when required, were in compliance with BC Housing’s Riverview Tree & Plant Protection Specification.


East Lawn Dormer 3                                                             Centre Lawn Dormer 7

Centre Lawn Dormer 7                                                       Centre Lawn Dormer 7